Bistro Vila Velebita Bistro Vila Velebita Bistro Vila Velebita Bistro Vila Velebita Bistro Vila Velebita Bistro Vila Velebita

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Restaurant VILA VELEBITA is at the foot of the mountain Plješevica, only 10 km away from the national park Plitvička jezera, in the natural environment. The restaurant is known for its traditional atmosphere, delicious food and great service.

Restaurant VILA VELEBITA has a total of 120 seats, 50 in the restaurant and 70 on the terrace. In front of the restaurant there`s a large parking lot. One of the owners worked 7 years on the cruisers and was a team member of Celebrity Cruises from Miami, and the other was a multi-year director of the famous motel Borje.

Owners of the VILA VELEBITA personaly serve guests which gives them a huge advantage over competition because they are always with the guests and listen to their needs. Rustic ambiance, delicious food and excellent cuisine make the guests always satisfied.

Vila Velebita map

Bistro Vila Velebita
Rudanovac 12a
53230 Korenica

Mob: +385 91 537 5318
Mob: +385 98 572 858
Tel: +385 53 755 040

Bistro Vila Velebita

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Bistro Vila Velebita, Rudanovac 12 a, 53230 Korenica,

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